Actively Prevent Potential Work-Related Injuries Before They Occur

Actively Prevent Potential Work-Related Injuries Before They Occur

Designed for functionality and high ergonomic impact. The Contour RollerMouse Pro and SliderMousePro allow users to work comfortably and ergonomically, supporting daily computer use without the strains and stress that can cause RSI and other computer related injuries.

Centered Mice, like the RollerMouse Pro or SliderMouse Pro keep arms placed and working in front of the body in a natural, relaxed position, releasing the tension from shoulders, arms, and elbows.

RollerMouse Pro
Providing complete control of the Mouse, the RollerMouse Pro cursor navigation and programmable buttons are all positioned directly in front of the user. Preventing stretching, twisting, and straining for a comfortable and pain free user experience.

SliderMouse Pro
Keeping hands free to rest comfortably across the entire width of the centered mouse, the SliderMouse Pro’s revolutionary cursor navigation prevents hands or wrists unnecessarily moving across the desktop, keeping cursor control effortless and painless.

Both the RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro have been designed to match multiple user’s needs. The unique magnetic wrist rest attachments can be tailored to preferences and can be effortlessly switched between variants without using any tools. Available a different sizes and materials, the RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro wrist rests support a range of functional needs and aesthetic preferences.

For more information about the Contour RollerMouse Pro and SliderMouse Pro, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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