Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries with the Unimouse

Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries with the Unimouse

The award-winning Unimouse offers the ability to alter the vertical angle allowing for pressure to be taken away from the wrist, providing a great solution for relieving pain caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Most Adjustable Vertical Mouse on The Market
Designed to vary positions, the Unimouse enables users to switch postures during the day, helping to minimise pain caused by repetitive strain injuries. With 4 friction-based points of articulation, the Unimouse offers users customisable and unique comfort. Effortlessly switch postures to engage different muscles and tendons, while avoiding fixed, static positions. The additional movable thumb support allows for a relaxed grip and makes the Unimouse suitable for most hand sizes.

35 Degrees of True Adjustability
The patented articulating hinge allows users to adjust the tilt angle of the mouse anywhere between 35 to 70 degrees. It features a friction-based system for an experience that is simple, yet stable in any position.

Unlimited Performance
The Lithium-Ion Polymer battery provides up to three months of power on a single charge and the Data+Charge cable allows users to charge while working to help eliminate downtime. The clever “Smart Sleep” battery system ensures a long-lasting wireless experience by hibernating when not in use.

Clicking with Unimouse
Unleash your creativity with 6 programmable buttons and an ultra-smooth scroll wheel. The customizable button assignments suit virtually any task and accommodate unique needs.

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  • 7 buttons
  • Ten cursor speeds
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless
  • Long lasting, quick recharging battery
  • Body Angle Adjustment: 35 degrees to 70 degrees
  • Thumb Angle Adjustment: 35 degrees in either direction
  • Plug and play USB installation
  • Available in Left- and right-hand versions
  • Two-year warranty

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