Be Greener with Fully Biodegradable Keyboards and Mice

Be Greener with Fully Biodegradable Keyboards and Mice

Made from Wheat Grass Polymer

The perfect eco-friendly, edition to any environmentally conscious workspace. Accuratus Wheatgrass Keyboard and Mice are fully biodegradable, with a sleek modern design.

Sustainable, Biobased and Biodegradable

Made from the biproduct of wheat, without the use of artificial chemicals or fossil fuels. Wheat Grass polymer offers similar features to petroleum-based plastic, without the harmful environmental impact. Requiring less energy to produce and releasing less CO2 gases than regular plastic.

The lignin (an organic polymer that provides the support structure for many plants) naturally found in the straw is broken down by bacteria and mixed with natural sugars to create a workable and biodegradable material that can be used as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Renewable and sustainable, the Wheatgrass peripherals can be decomposed and reused as fertilizer or can be melted back into pulp to create different products again and again.

Connection without Compromise

Offering multidevice Bluetooth 5.1 & RF2.4Ghz wireless connections, the Wheatgrass Keyboards and Mice can be paired to both an RF and a Bluetooth device. So, users can quickly and easily switch between two devices. Perfect for Home and Hybrid workers.

For more information about the Wheatgrass Keyboards and Mice, or to learn more about our range of Sustainable IT solutions, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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