Become a Creative Pro with Seagate and Synology NAS Solutions

Become a Creative Pro with Seagate and Synology NAS Solutions

Store, protect and share your digital assets with ease.  Synology’s high performance NAS integrated with Seagate IronWolf Pro (IWP) HDDs provide fast and extensive storage for creative projects.

Dependable, powerful and always accessible, IronWolf Pro HDDs offer swift performance and high workloads. Perfect for SMB and creative NAS environments.

When relying on dozens of external hard drives, theft, loss and accidental damage can render precious work irrecoverable. Switching to a NAS solution integrated with IWP allows Creatives to dramatically enhance workflow. Providing remote access, file sharing, file syncing, data backup, and disaster recovery.

Built for 24×7 performance, IWP NAS drives can be accessed through a web browser at any time. Allowing users to travel the globe whilst accessing the data stored safely in the studio.

And with built-in IronWolf Health Management in Synology’s Disk Station Manager OS* the Hard Drives and NAS can provide notifications if an issue arises – providing extra peace of mind.

‘It’s like having a private server instead of using services like Dropbox to store my discography. And when sending songs to peers and record labels, it feels safer to be able to use my NAS.”Wax Motif DJ and Producer

For more information about Seagate IronWolf Pro HDDs, or to learn more about Synology, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

*This feature may not be available with all NAS units. Please contact your Hypertec Account Manager for more information.

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