The world’s Leading Independent Supplier of Compatible Transceivers and High Speed Cabling

Specialists in Transceivers, AddOn® Network Transceivers seamlessly scale any network, whilst offering quality that exceeds the OEM; expanding reach, increasing bandwidth and improving network performance.

Quickly and easily find compatible Transceivers, Hypertec partcodes are the same as their OEM counterparts; simply search via OEM partcode on the Hypertec Product Configurator to find the perfect match.

Why choose Hypertec and AddOn?

Quality and Compatibility

AddOn end-to-end testing guarantees an industry-leading 99.98% reliability rating and full OEM compatibility.

Lifetime Warranty

In the rare case you need it – leverage the AddOn Lifetime Warranty to make sure your network is fully covered.

Cost Savings

With AddOn optics, you can avoid the OEM markup and enjoy significant savings of up to 70%.

24/7 Expert Support

With AddOn optics, you From purchase to implement, get peace of mind with the AddOn worldwide 24/7/365 expert engineering support.

OEM Matched DACs & AOCs
OEM Matched Transceivers

Want to Know More about AddOn Solutions?

Find everything needed to follow up on leads and engage with customers in the AddOn Reseller Sales Aid Kit. Highlighting the breadth of features and benefits available with AddOn, the pack is a versatile necessity for Sales teams.

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