Adesso – Leading Computer Input Specialist Supplier for Travel, Presentations, Kiosks, P.O.S., Industrial PC, and Workstation Users

Adesso Are Committed to Making Work, Workers, And Workplaces Better Through Their Solutions.

Founded in 1994, Adesso have grown into a leading manufacturer of computer input peripherals. Their line of products includes Data Input, Handwriting Input and Audio/Video Input devices. Manufacturing and marketing innovative, ergonomic, industrial, programmable, wireless, waterproof, and foldable keyboards as well as touchpads, mice, trackballs, webcams, fingerprint and barcode scanners, and high-performance graphic tablets.

Headquartered in Walnut, California, USA, Adesso is fast becoming the leading computer input specialist supplier for travel, presentations, kiosks, P.O.S., Industrial PC, and workstation users.

CyberTrack F1

1080p HD Fixed Focus USB Webcam – CYBERTRACK-F1

  • Windows Hello compatible
  • Built-in Dual Microphone
  • Privacy Shutter
  • Audio/Visual Privacy Mode
  • On/Off Switch
  • Tripod Mount

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