BakkerElkhuizen Sustainability

BakkerElkhuizen associate sustainability with the reuse of materials, with the way they transport materials and products, and with their ecological/CO2 footprint. But they also believe sustainability is much more than that, it also has a large economic and social aspect. 

BakkerElkhuizen’s Field of Actions

Not only are their products high quality and therefore long-lasting. But since 2019, BakkerElkhuizen have been producing products made from recycled raw materials, and every year, additional products across their range have become more sustainable. They plan to continue not only making their products more sustainable, but also to further expand the certification around these products.

Additionally, BakkerElkhuizen are also looking into other solutions within their organisation, such as electric lease cars and the opportunity to lease their products.

Product Design

When developing new products, sustainability is an important part of their process. Where possible, BakkerElkhuizen implement sustainable choices. For example, they look at the possibilities of using sustainable types of material. It is important to them to choose materials, which are easy to produce and have a low impact on the climate and environment. Ideally, they use materials that are produced from recycled products or organic materials. Preferably, they produce in the Netherlands, or somewhere else in Europe. Finally, the packaging of their products should be sustainable as well.

Lifecycle of Their Products

BakkerElkhuizen products are of high quality, meaning that they last a long time even with daily use. Some of their customers have been using the Ergo-Q 260 and the S-board 840 for more than 10 years. A big advantage to their solutions is that customers do not have to replace products often, reducing the impact on the environment. When parts break, BakkerElkhuizen often have the part in stock, ready for easy replacement. 

BakkerElkhuizen even offer a 3-year guarantee on electronic products (one year longer than the legal guarantee) and a lifetime guarantee on non-electronic products. Contact your Hypertec Account Manager today to learn more about their guarantees.

Sustainability Along Their Supply Chain

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for both businesses and consumers alike. BakkerELkhuizen are therefore proud to be able to support customers with products that help create a sustainable office environment.

Reducing CO2 emissions is very important to them, so this is always considered when developing not only existing and new products, but also for existing and new suppliers.

To do this they:

  • Select suppliers based on fair and sustainable aspects.
  • Look at the sustainable production process, including working conditions and delivery routes. Following the latest standards and regulations in accordance with the guidelines for human and environmentally friendly production. 
  • Try to manufacture as close to home as possible.
  • When choosing suppliers, they closely follow their established selection criteria for sustainability to ensure that perspective suppliers meet their vision of a sustainable profile.  

Bakker Elkhuizen Resources

For more information, view and download our Bakker Elkhuizen Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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