Dataflex Sustainability

Becoming the first carbon neutral company in their market in 2020, Dataflex reduce, measure and actively compensate for their total carbon footprint.

From making company facilities even more energy efficient, to minimising business travel, optimising production methods and rethinking their packaging design; Dataflex continuously look at their environmental impact and take important steps not only to decrease it, but to create a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainable Business

People & Society

Treating People with Respect

Offering their employees an ergonomically healthy workplace, competitive benefits, making them valued members of the Dataflex family. They try to build lasting relationships with stakeholders based on trust.

They challenge discrimination, bribery and corruption, and make sure there’s no child labour, modern slavery or conflict minerals anywhere in their supply chain.

They prioritize a healthy, sustainable business over short-term profit-chasing. So invest in the future: of their people, portfolio and quality systems. And believe mutually beneficial long-term partnerships lead to greater efficiency and stability, helping create value for everyone their business touches.

Their Workplace

Practicing What They Preach

Doing well… They’ve installed everything from led lighting and energy-efficient workplace monitors to hyper-efficient air conditioning and recycling stations throughout their office and warehouse. They’ve banned Styrofoam from their packaging and are on their way to decrease the amount of plastic in their packaging to an absolute minimum. At their office they use only green electricity, CO2-compensated natural gas and 80% of their vehicles are fully electric.

And they’re still not satisfied!

Aiming for better… They’re continuously enhancing both their LCA and Return programs. For example, they are now ISO14001 certified for their entire environmental management system and soon to start selling refurbished products. Meanwhile they’re constantly making improvements to their workplace, such as their energy-efficient new lighting plan and the installation of solar pannels.

Sustainable Planet

100% Carbon Neutral

Measuring and Compensating their Carbon Footprint

Using LCA and other methods to calculate their total carbon emissions for all their business operations and products. They compensate all their emissions for the previous year with the help of their partner Trees for All. This makes them a carbon-neutral business.

While compensating their footprint is important, their primary focus is on finding ways to shrink the footprint even further (e.g. through their Circularity Program). The ultimate goal is to produce no emissions at all, removing the need for compensation altogether.


Ecosheets: Helping you Choose Greener

We put Ecosheets on our website product pages to let you see the environmental impact of that product. Because we want to be transparent and honest. And help you make informed choices and hopefully encourage you to join our Circularity Program.

Circularity Program

Guaranteeing the Big Environmental Gains

About 95% of the environmental impact of Dataflex products come from mining raw materials and processing used materials. Help them not to let this impact go to waste and sign up for their Circularity Program.

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