Digistor® Citadel FIPS-Certified Self-Encrypting SSDs


Citadel™ FIPS-Certified SSDs

Citadel™ SSDs provide a complete encryption layer with PBA access for securing Data at Rest (DAR).

Commercial SSDs

Designed from the ground up to deliver consistent performance for a variety of commercial applications.

Enterprise & Industrial SSDs

Meet the heavy workload demands of server and data centre environments.

TCG Opal

TCG Opal 2.0 hardware level AES 256-bit encryption means the encryption/decryption is performed on device, independent from the host, reducing CPU load.

DIGISTOR – A Leading Innovator, Manufacturer and Distributor of Secure Data Storage

Providing solutions for securing Data at Rest (DAR), DIGISTOR products include FIPS-certified secure, self-encrypting SSDs, industrial-grade flash storage products, and digital-video storage solutions.

DIGISTOR proudly serve the Department of Defense, Federal agencies, major OEMs, law enforcement, and other global customers. 

Building a Citadel of Trust in a Zero Trust World
What’s Inside:
  • Introduction to Citadel SSDs
  • FIPS, Opal, and more explained
  • Pre-Boot Authentication explained
  • Data at Rest (DAR) Solution Checklist

Digistor Resources

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