Zero-touch, 360-degree disinfection for tablets, phones and mobile devices to a 5-log* kill in just 30 seconds.


Easily charge, store, secure and carry up to 10 devices.

Carrier™ Cart

Carrier Charging Carts Easily charge, store, secure and transport 20-40 of almost any mobile device.


Easily charge, store, secure and transport 30 or 40 of almost any mobile device at a more affordable price.


Charge, store, secure and carry up to five iPad or Tablet devices.

FUYL Tower™ Pro 5 and 15

A complete hardware and software solution to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.


Easily charge, store and secure 8 or 16 iPad devices.

LocknCharge Makes Life Easier for Device Users. Creating Solutions That Ensure the Accessibility and Usability of Mobile Devices at Any Time

Dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security; LocknCharge offer a range of transport and charging solutions for Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets.

Whether you have a Microsoft Tablet, an Android Tablet or iPad, with a wide selection of highly durable Tablet Charging Stations, Cabinets and Trolleys, LocknCharge have the ideal product to charge, store and secure almost any tablet.

For check-in and check-out programs, bring your own device and 1:1 programs, LocknCharge offer Smart Charging Lockers. Enabling you to charge, store, secure and manage individual mobile devices all within one convenient locker.

With a Lifetime Warranty on many of LocknCharge products, you can be sure to protect the devices you have today, and all the devices you have in the future.

At Hypertec, we understand the importance of having appropriate storage for valuable Tablets and Laptops. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you find the right LocknCharge product for your specific need and devices. Simply use our simple Product Configurator to find the right product for you. Click the link below and search by device type, number of devices or by product type.

LocknCharge Resources

For more information about LocknCharge® and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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