Ocushield® – Medically Rated Blue Light Blockers

Screen Filters

Helping to prevent eye strain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and blurry vision – Ocushield® Blue Light Filters help users feel refreshed after extended screen time.


Ocushield® anti blue light glasses block harmful blue light keeping eyes feeling fresh, reducing dryness and allowing users to focus for longer.


Oculamps low blue light lamps enable you to control how much blue light it gives off.

Eye Screening Tests

The Ocushield remote online eye screening test has been created so people of all ages can test their eyes simply and fast. 

Protect your eyes

From eye strain, and the bad things that go with it: headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, blurry vision.

Protect your screen

Tough tempered glass – 5X stronger than traditional screen protectors.

Protect your sleep

Blue light makes your body forget when it’s bedtime. No blue light… doesn’t.

True colours

No retro orange tinge. Same screen colours (unlike night mode).

The World’s First and Only Medically-rated Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

Ocushield® products are created by Optometrists and are proven to filter out harmful blue light. Because of this, they’ve been registered as a class 1 medical device by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK. Their role is to make sure that products like drugs and medical devices do what they say and are safe for the market.

Ocushield Resources

For more information about Ocushield® and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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