R-Go Tools

Designed and developed by ergonomic specialists with years of knowledge and experience. R-Go Tools is made unique by their combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability and design.

Whether working with laptops, monitors or Tablets, R-Go Tools has the right Ergonomic Solution for every user.

R-Go Tools Care About the Environment

Thinking carefully about how their products should be made and which materials are used, they design products according to the principles of circularity, they can be easily repaired, re-used and recycled.

Quantore – Case Study

Discover how together Quantore® and R-Go Tools seized the opportunity to grow sales by offering solutions for a healthier lifestyle and work environment.

R-Go Tools Resources

For more information about R-Go Tools® and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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