Exos E 2U12

Seagate® Exos® E 2U12 is the datasphere’s ideal platform for efficient growth, performance, and high capacity at an affordable price.

Key Specs

  • Management Interface: 2 x 1 GbE Ports
  • Total EBOD Chassis: Combine up to 6 Chassis together
  • SAS Controllers (Exos E IOM): 14.4 GB/s single I/O, 28.8 GB/s dual I/O
  • Host I/O Interface (defined by controller): Three x4 12 Gb/s mini-SAS HD connectors (SFF-8644) per I/O module

Feature-Rich Flexibility

Perfect for storage administrators of small-to-medium sized businesses who are in need of high-capacity, high availability data retention and access.

Interchangeable components and enclosure modularity makes for easy setup, maintenance and expansion. Save space with up to 12 drives in a 2U rackmount enclosure.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Ideal primary storage for small and mid-size customers seeking a balance of price, performance and storage density.

Effective maximum throughput of 14.4 GB/s in a single I/O module or 28.8 GB/s in a dual controller configuration, with expansion capability up to 144 SSDs and hard drives.

Compatible Scalability

For storage administrators who need a compact storage solution with flexibility to pair and integrate with legacy and new systems.

Connection, drive-size options to deliver right sized storage that can scale with business.

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