Exos E 5U84

Seagate® Exos E 5U84 is the datasphere’s high-capacity, high-performance platform that can handle extreme data growth. Build exabyte-scale data centres with this 5U, high density rackmount enclosure and easily manage in the field with features such as the unique drawer design allowing easy access to drives.

The Seagate® Expansion JBOD systems are a great way to optimise your data storage costs. Talk to your Hypertec Account Manager today to get your enterprise-level storage systems ready for the future.

Key Specs

  • Management Interface: 2 x 1 GbE Ports
  • Total EBOD Chassis: Up to 4
  • SAS Controllers (Exos E IOM): 14.4 GB/s single I/O, 28.8 GB/s dual I/O
  • Host I/O Interface (defined by controller): Three x4 12 Gb/s mini-SAS HD connectors (SFF-8644) per I/O module

Built for High Performance Storage

Exos E 5U84 – perfect for building exabyte-scale data centres with high-capacity hard drives.

Industry-leading density and performance for transferring data fast with up to 12 Gb/s speed and effective maximum throughput of 14.4 GB/s in a single I/O module or 28.8 GB/s in dual controller configurations. High-availability features include dual cooling, PCMs, and I/O modules — plus dual data path support to all drives.

Versatile Design

Ideal for private cloud builders seeking industry-leading density and cost-for-performance.

With easy expansion via interchangeable FRUs and SBB 2.0 compatibility, this flexible enclosure supports cable management, contains universal ports, and provides self-configuration controls.

Simplified Operations

Optimal for industries with large data delivery processing requirements that need high throughput like M&E and CDN.

Delivers secure access to critical data — safeguarded with fault diagnosis, resolution capabilities, persistent error logging and monitoring. Plus, drive carriers, controllers, PSU, fan modules, drives, and expander cards are easy to swap and service.

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