Seagate® Rescue

Seagate Have Got Your Back

Peace of mind for when the unthinkable happens.

Data recovery can be costly. That’s why most Seagate® drives now include Rescue Data Recovery Services. Defend your data — and your budget — against unexpected data loss for any mechanical, accidental or natural disaster.

With Rescue Data Recovery Services, you get:

  • Access to a team of world-class data recovery experts
  • One in-lab data recovery attempt
  • An encrypted storage device containing your recovered data if recovery is successful
  • An industry-leading 95% success rate for in-house SSD and HDD data recovery

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How It Works

Know what to expect with Rescue Data Recovery Services.

Prepaid Shipping

After that, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label via email.

Status Updates

Follow the status of your case through email updates.

Successful Recovery

We’ll return your data on an encrypted storage device.

Getting Started

Contact Seagate support with details about your claim.

To the Lab

Use the prepaid shipping label to send your damaged drive to the lab.

Recovery Attempt

Allow for up to 15 business days for attempted data recovery.

Unsuccessful Recovery

We’ll destroy your drive in a secure and environmentally friendly manner or return it via mail upon request.

Security Certifications

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1 Rescue Data Recovery Services are not available in all countries.