Why Back up your Cloud Data?

Cloud backup not only makes sure an educational organisation meets industry standards or regulations, but also sends a copy of its cloud data to another device or a different location so in case the school server experiences data breach or service discontinuity, it can still restore data, ensures students and teachers continue to have access to information, and contains any hazardous impact and IT crises.

Protect your Microsoft 365 data with Active Backup for Microsoft 365

    • Completely free of licenses with protection of your OneDrive, SharePoint Online, emails, contacts, and calendar.
    • Provide continuous backup, enable flexible file versioning, and maximize storage efficiency.

Back up your G Suite with Active Backup for G Suite

    • Completely free of licenses including the backing up of your My Drive and shared drives, mail, contacts, and calendar.
    • Provide continuous backup, enable flexible file versioning, and simplify data restoration.
    • Maximise you experience with single instancing and block-level deduplication.

With Active Backup for Microsoft 365 and/or Active Backup for G Suite Portals enabled, both employees and admins can easily locate items for restoration and restore or export them within a few clicks.

    • Granular restoration available for a single file, along with its metadata, email, email attachments, contacts, or calendar events.
    • Mail, contacts, and calendar data can be exported in EML, CSV, and ISC formats, while Drive data and mail attachments can be exported in Office file formats.

Backup Appliances on Offer with Synology and Hypertec

DS920+ with 16TB

Quieter Backup Appliance with flexible mobility fit for primary school environments.

RS820RP+ with 16TB

Ultra-compact Rack Backup Appliance; ideal for secondary schools.

RS3621RPxs with 48TB

Scalable Backup Appliance to protect up to 20,000 Microsoft 365 Accounts; ideal for universities and academies.

Learn How Tampere College Backs Up 19,000 Microsoft Accounts

“Synology is providing us a way to ensure the safety of our data in the cloud. With Synology, we’re able to safeguard and restore our data in Microsoft 365 services in case of accidental deletion or data loss.”

Arttu Miettunen, Server Infrastructure System Analyst. Tredu Tampere Vocational College

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is a college based in Tampere, with 18,000 student and 1,000 staff members. The college offers vocational programmes in Finnish secondary education in various fields including Technology, Natural Sciences, Communications and Tourism.

Why is Synology Backup the way to go?

Synology Active Backup

Optimised Deduplication

Synology’s integration of the Software with our Hardware allows us to utilise a powerful, Block-level deduplication to minimise the amount of data stored on NAS.

Zero Licensing

Synology utilise a License free policy, allowing ultimate scalability at no extra cost.

Ultimate Control

Synology allows ultimate control of your backups, and retention. You can create multiple tasks for your environments.

Saas Backup Solution

Unoptimised Deduplication

Whilst other providers offer deduplication, these can take up more utilisation of your designated device’s resources whilst not achieving the same amount of deduplication level.

Full Licensing

Licensing per accounts for software solutions means that as you scale up over time, your monthly or annual payments increase. Alongside this, several solutions also charge for additional features, pushing the price up further.

Restricted Control

Software providers can force settings such as retention policies and backup schedules, meaning you aren’t in control of your backups.

Other Backup

High Resource Utilisation

Hardware providers have not worked to optimise their systems, instead choosing to brute force certain tasks. Using these higher spec ’ed systems pushes up costs and increases power draw increasing your bills.

Double Payment solution

Other hardware providers charge initial payments for their hardware solutions, along with a licensing plan per account on top.

Full-Time Management

Hardware providers provide control over your backups, however they do so in an overly complicated way, by hiding settings in sub-menus, or not automating tasks, requiring full-time management, taking up your IT Team’s time.

Great Service for a Great Product

Protecting your VMware and Hyper-V Virtualisation Environments

Enterprise Grade Warranty

5 Year Warranty on enterprise systems.
Upgrade your non-enterprise systems with Synology 2-year warrnaty extension.

Ransomware Protection

Enterprise Service Options

4 Hours Onsite Support
24/7 Access to Helpdesk

Want to Know More about Synology Solutions?

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