TRENDnet – Essential Networking and Surveillance Solutions 

Ethernet Adapters

Experience optimal network performance on your PC or server with TRENDnet’s reliable and high-performance wired network adapters. Easily upgrade your computers hard-wired connection, or replace a defective network card (NIC) without replacing your home computer.


Intended for use in industrial fiber networking scenarios, such as in manufacturing, logistics, surveillance, and corporate applications. These industrial fiber solutions are hardened for environments with wide temperature changes, and heavy amounts of vibration and shock.

Industrial Switches/ Fiber Converter

Designed for use in the harshest networking environments, these rugged industrial switches offer a wide operating temperature range, resistance to heavy vibration and shock, and protection against ESD, EMI, and electrical surge.

Internet Cameras

Cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications, with varying surveillance camera features that can include PoE support, 4K 8MP UHD resolution, long-range night vision, varifocal lens, H.265 image compression, and PTZ.

KVM Switches

Access multiple PCs or workstations from one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Network Accessories

TRENDnet’s networking accessories including patch panels, cable testers, mount brackets, crimp tool, and more.

Power Over Ethernet

A cost-effective way to provide power and data to a PoE-enabled device using a single cable, without needing to rely on nearby power outlets.


TRENDnet’s Powerline adapters to create a reliable, wired network using your home’s existing electrical lines. 


TRENDnet managed switches support several advanced switch features, such as VLAN, LACP, QoS, and IGMP snooping. They also offer specialty switches for unique, custom installation, such as surveillance switches, rail switches, flat switches, NVR switches, and AV switches.

USB, Firewire & Accessories

Ideal for both homes and offices, TRENDnet offer a wide range of USB products, hubs, adapters, docking stations, Bluetooth adapters, and cables.

Wired Routers

Share high-speed Internet connection with additional wired connections. Wired routers create a more reliable connection compared to wireless models, and connect at nearly maximum throughput speeds.

Wireless Connectivity

Keep users connected to what’s important – TRENDnet offer a wide variety of feature-rich wireless solutions, including routers, indoor and outdoor access points, AP controllers, adapters, modems, antennas, cables, and accessories. 

Essential Networking and Surveillance Solutions

A global provider of award-winning networking and surveillance solutions SMBs, TRENDnet help build innovative, easy-to-use, and reliable networks. Providing award-winning networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet® connect users with what they value most.

TRENDnet Resources

For more information about TRENDnet® and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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