Looking To Get More Out of Existing Network Infrastructures? Talk To Us!

Looking To Get More Out of Existing Network Infrastructures? Talk To Us!

Maximise the payback from IT investments, while keeping pace with changing technology and evolving business requirements. AddOn offer legacy, cutting edge, and custom Transceivers to help keep assets of all ages in service and running efficiently.

Prolonging the use of working assets makes good operational and financial sense. It helps to minimise operational downtime, stretch limited budgets, and help companies meet business sustainability goals by investing in circular IT initiatives.

Supplying a huge range of Transceivers that have been made EOL by OEMs, AddOn Transceivers can help businesses extend asset lifetime and delay the replacement of existing infrastructures. Can’t find an OEM Transceiver? Contact your Hypertec Account Manager now to see how AddOn can help.

Get the peace of mind you’d expect from a new infrastructure, without the hefty price tag. AddOn uniquely test every transceiver to the exact specifications of the customers environment with a reliability rating of 99.98%. Additionally, all their Transceivers come with a Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 around the clock support, with field engineers located globally to help tackle the most complex issues. Offering high quality products that are competitively priced, delivering up to 70% cost savings compared with the leading OEM.

To learn more about how we can help sweat assets, or for more information about AddOn Transceivers, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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