Get Reliable Data Protection Solutions with Seagate Secure

Get Reliable Data Protection Solutions with Seagate Secure

Available with all Seagate ­­­­Exos HDDs, Expansion Shelves and JBODs and as standard – Seagate Secure™ protects data storage at rest and makes device retirement simple.

In today’s business environment, data creates value. Data is a vital business asset that needs protection with sustainable, long-term security solutions that minimise risk with the least impact on productivity.  That is why security analysts recommend a complete range of solutions that include both software- and hardware-based encryption. Along with instant access and maximum storage performance comes the realisation that encrypting every bit of your business data is the only viable service level. Luckily, whether you need a secure laptop or hardened data facility, Seagate has got you covered.

As the industry leader in data-at-rest protection, Seagate offers proven technology that helps to ensure customers have the highest level of encryption possible — encryption that complies with the strictest government standards.

Their Essential feature set delivers protection that suits most needs, but they additionally offer the Certified level of service with FIPS, Common Criteria and TAA-compliant solutions for government or enterprise customers running highly secure, data sensitive services and applications.

Since the introduction of self-encrypting drives (SED) as a hardware-based data security measure in 2019, Seagate has embraced the standard and engineered it into an essential component of modern asset protection. Combined with their protected hardware lifecycle and integration of multiple levels of security protocols, this added layer gives Seagate Secure storage devices the edge.

For more information about Seagate Secure, download the Seagate Secure Brochure or contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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