Get Premium Lamp Compatibility at a Noticeably Lower Price with HyperLamp

Get Premium Lamp Compatibility at a Noticeably Lower Price with HyperLamp

Lower cost Lamps don’t have to equal lower performance. Offering a premier low-cost alternative to third-party Lamps, HyperLamps are manufactured using proven, high-quality parts – many of which are used by the original equipment manufacturer – constructed and tested to exacting standards. Unlike copy Lamps that cut costs by using the cheapest components, HyperLamps deliver high quality and reliability, offering a great value substitute to the projector manufacturer’s own replacement lamp.

Dependable and Low-Cost

Backed by the high service levels of Hypertec Just Lamps, HyperLamp low-cost compatible Lamps, guarantee brightness and life at an affordable price. Delivering reliable performance that won’t threaten organisation’s reputation.

Technically Superior

Made from the best components, HyperLamp is a premium compatible Lamp that performs well straight out the box, and well into the future.

6 Month Warranty

Order with confidence – for 6 months from the date of invoice, faulty HyperLamps can be returned for a full refund.

Margin Maker

As a premium compatible Lamp, HyperLamp sits in a select market position between Diamond Lamps and Copy Lamp categories, selling at a reasonable price with healthy margins.

For more information about Hyper®Lamp, or to learn more about our full range of Whiteboard and Projector Lamps, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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