Improve Employee Wellbeing to Meet Growing Business Demands

Improve Employee Wellbeing to Meet Growing Business Demands

Our environments greatly affect our wellbeing. Poor lighting, uncomfortable desk setups and insufficient breaks between tasks all have detrimental impact on efficiency productivity and wellbeing. Enhance focus and performance to keep employees achieving business objectives. Our top wellbeing and productivity products from Bakker Elkhuizen and Contour, can help keep employees focused, energised and productive.

Create healthier workspaces that improve focus and work efficiency with the Bakker Elkhuizen EnergyByLight. The task light’s automatically changing intensity and colour temperature, similar to the sun, promotes a sense of wellbeing and productivity by supporting the body’s natural circadian daylight rhythm. Giving users more focus, a better night’s sleep, and improved efficiency at work.

Improving workflow and minimising RSI by preventing users from continuously reaching for the mouse, the Contour RollerMouse optimises conditions for increased productivity. Providing a comfortable setup that prevents and relieves pain, enabling workers to remain focused throughout the day.

To learn more about how to promote better wellbeing and productivity at work, or for more product information, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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