Keytools – The Place for Ergonomic IT Solutions

Keytools – The Place for Ergonomic IT Solutions

Discover essential Ergonomic and Inclusivity IT Solutions – Hypertec Keytools provides everything needed to create healthy and productive workspaces – all in one place.

With new and exclusive partnerships, the already extensive Keytools product portfolio is now even bigger!

Contour Design, now exclusively available at Hypertec, offers a wide range of ergonomic solutions including keyboards, mice, laptop stands, multimedia controllers and accessories. Providing evolutionary products that allow people to work safely at their computers without the risk of pain or injury. Contour offer the highest degree of ergonomics and inspire variation and improved habits.

New to Hypertec’s exclusive offering – Dataflex® solutions achieve the optimal balance between functionality, design, and price, to create ergonomic workspaces to suit every budget. Specalising in in physical ergonomics, the carbon neutral company have been designing award-winning monitor arms and other workplace accessories for 40 years.

New to Hypertec, R-Go Tools develop solutions for healthy screen usage, and promote healthier living and working. Paving the way with ecofriendly and award winning products (Laptop Bag, Keyboards and Mice) – their unique offering ergonomic tools are unlike other options on the market.

Diversifying our already extensive brand portfolio, Ocushield® is now available at Hypertec. Offering arrange of glasses, lamps and screen protectors that minimise blue light exposure. Ocushield solutions help prevent digital eye strain and headaches, helping to improve sleep, and protect eyes and skin.

For more information about our exclusive agreements, or to learn more about our partnered brands, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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