D&A AXS Passport

The AXS Passport equips individuals and organisations with a digital tool for sharing and responding to accessibility and inclusion requirements.

AXS upgrades the concept of an accessibility passport so that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of diagnosis or disability, normalising and simplifying the process of advocating for and ensuring that reasonable adjustments are met and barriers are removed.

Image description: AXS Dashboard.
  • Can use on app or web
  • Are always in control
  • Can update and edit when needed
  • Can tailor their profile to their individual needs
Image descrption: AXS Passport on iPhone.
  • Gain reasonable adjustments data
  • Can strategically plan procurement
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Cross organisational insight into needs and requirements
Image description: AXS Passport on MacBook.

Break Down Barriers Before Users Face Them

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