D&A One-to-Ones

D&A provide bespoke reasonable adjustment services which can include a full “one stop shop of enablement”, including a combination of:

Includes individual reasonable adjustment recommendations (made by expert needs assessors).

  • Strategy Coaching
  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Mentoring
  • Co-coaching with Line Manager
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D&A One-to-One Employee Support Services can Include:

D&A Workplace Strategy Coaches equip employees with tailored strategies and skills in order to remove barriers and thrive in the workplace. These include:

  • Reading & proofreading
  • Writing (i.e. spelling, organisation)
  • Time management
  • Administration
  • Presentations
  • Numeracy

This is strategy based Assistive Technology training that ensures employees get the most out of their technology, and are able to use it in a way that will transform the way they work. These include:

  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Writing
  • Organisation
  • Presentations
  • Numeracy
  • Time management

When people are supported well, their confidence, wellbeing and productivity soar. D&A offers specialist mentoring that enables employees to build strategies, not just for coping but for living fully, with a sense of wellbeing and positivity.

  • Supports independence
  • Promotes positive wellbeing
  • Develops coping strategies
  • Supports self esteem
  • Builds confidence

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