Curble Wider


  • Ideal for Office and Homeworkers
  • Rigid Support
  • Grip for Easy Carrying 
  • Angled Base designed to Apply more Lift to Support Optimum Posture
  • Extra Width Provides more Support at the Waist
  • Free UK Based Technical Support

Reduce Workplace RSI and Increase Productivity without Overspending. The Curble Posture Corrector is an ideal, cost effective solution for ergonomic sitting in the home, office or on the go.

High-end office chairs aren’t a must-have for every home office, but if you spend over eight hours a day working from home, having an ergonomic chair is essential. Get comfort and support at the fraction of the cost of a standard ergonomic office chair; the Curble Posture Correction Chair supports the body and corrects sitting posture, offering maximum comfort throughout the day.

Light and portable, the Curble chair is ideal for flexi-workers and homeworkers who don’t want a cumbersome office chair in their home. Used either on it’s own or alongside traditional seating, the multifunctional Curble can be used with sofas, dinning chairs, backless chairs and many more. Creating an ergonomic sitting position anywhere.

Standard Office Chairs can be expensive and difficult to deploy to homeworkers; reduce logistics and delivery costs the small and light Curble Chair can be deployed to multiple homeworkers across the country at much lower cost than traditional office chairs.

Create complete, unique Ergonomic Solutions with Keytools. We can create bespoke partcode bundles for items regularly purchased together, reducing pick and pack costs and consolidate supply all from one place.