More Than a ‘Off the Shelf’ Solution

Keytools is proud to work with Goldtouch to deliver the latest in ergonomic innovations.

Goldtouch pride themselves in providing customers with the kinds of ergonomic products and comfort peripherals that benefit both individual and business needs, by reducing the pain and discomfort so commonly associated with repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Goldtouch don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

Unlike other ergonomic companies, Goldtouch build products that adjust to each unique individual, allowing every person to find their own personal solution. They know that promoting health, safety, creativity and productivity in the workplace requires more than just a simple “off the shelf” solution.

Work together with our Product Specialists to find the right solution to best suit your needs, we’re always happy to help you find the perfect product.


Goldtouch is an industry leader in Human Factors Engineering, offering a full array of ergonomic keyboards to fit every body type — from adjustable split keyboards to slim, foldable travel keyboards that you can slip right into your laptop bag. Start exploring and take your first steps towards making your office fit you!


The Goldtouch collection of ergonomic mice features a wide range of styles to suit every individual. From classic to vertical fits, our ergonomic mice will gently guide your wrists and forearms into a natural position to decrease strain on your forearm and joints.

Laptop and Tablet Stands

Work with comfort and ease in the office or on-the-go with tablet and laptop desk stands from Goldtouch. An adjustable laptop or tablet stand will optimize the position of your screen, helping you to re-create the comfort of your home workspace wherever you go.

Numeric Keypads

The repetitive motions associated with data entry can put a strain on fingers, wrists, joints and nerves. Goldtouch external numeric keypads alleviate the associated discomfort, providing just the right amount of feedback and convenient key placement so that you can get your job done.

Mouse Pad

Designed to fit a wide range of mice, you’ll find all the comfort you seek without sacrificing style or choice.


If one Goldtouch ergonomic product can greatly improve your comfort, just imagine what an entire workspace makeover can do. With a Goldtouch bundle and ergo suite, you can buy all of your favorite Goldtouch products at once, and save money as you go.

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