Crossbow is the UK Brand Leader for Visual Stress Products, With Reading Overlays in Over 60% of Schools and Colleges in the Country

A family business, started in 1992 by SEN teacher Bob Hext, who found that the games he devised to teach his dyslexic students, were more effective than many of the published materials available at the time.

Coloured overlays, (or dyslexia overlays as they are sometimes known) can increase reading speed, help comprehension, and reduce headaches and migraines.

Difficulty with reading black on white, such as words appearing to move around on the page, or letters seeming to blur or fade, is called visual stress. This is common in dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties but can exist on its own. Reading through the right colour can help reduce the visual stress that is often connected with dyslexia.

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“I have been a long-standing customer of Crossbow Education. They are by far the most innovative and practical supplier of this type of resource. They are always ahead of the game in developing resources that match current research in this area. I consistently and confidently recommend them to parents and to teachers. The resources also represent very good value for money and are always attractive, fun and interesting for children to use.”

Dr Gavin Reid, Psychologist, Author, Conference Speaker

“As a private tutor, I bought these to try with some of my dyslexia students. A mature male student has found them ideal, discreet but really effective; while the reaction of a 10year-old boy was an immediate “This is better!” An excellent aid that should be promoted far more than it is!”

Sue Evans


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