Physical Impairment


Pretorian solutions create equality for people who are less able-bodied, abling them to gain at least some of that fun and independence. They do this by continually innovating Assistive Products and Technology, listening to the market for what adaptations users need; all whilst developing and manufacturing products in-house.


Quha are industry leaders in the production of inclusive PC Peripherals. Known for providing superior accuracy, great compatibility and product simplicity; Quha manufactures Gyroscopic Wireless Mice, Mouse Accessories, Ability Switches and Software.

IntegraMouse® Plus

IntegraMouse Plus – the Mouth Controlled Mouth was developed for people with paralysis, progressive muscle diseases or arm amputations. The use of IntegraMouse Plus can enhance quality of life, privacy and independence.

Provide Users with Physical Disabilities Access to Computers, with Keytools Physical Impairment Solutions

Physical Impairments can often make daily tasks such as computer use extremely difficult; Keytools Assistive Technology Solutions help promote greater independence, enabling people to perform tasks they were formerly unable to or had difficulty accomplishing.

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Hypertec understand that every business has different requirements, which is why our Sales Experts and Product Specialists are happy to work with you to determine the best products for your needs. We take the time to understand customer requirements, our policies and procedures in many circumstances are shaped to suit individual business demands. Helping to deliver a bespoke upgrade solution designed around the user.

We’re proud to offer a 30 minute SLA, guaranteeing a fast turn around for you and your customer. All calls, whether Sales, Warehouse, Technical, or Marketing are answered within 3 rings.

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