The Alternative to a Human Reader, Allowing Users to Work Anytime, Anywhere, Without the Need for Wifi

As the world of technology advances, so does the opportunities for fun and independence, with a wider range of devices and appliances. Pretorian® solutions create equality for people who are less able-bodied, to be able to gain at least some of that fun and independence. They do this by continually innovating Assistive Products and Technology, listening to the market for what adaptations users need; all whilst developing and manufacturing products in-house.

For the Special Needs market, Pretorian Technologies range of Assistive Technology and Communication products is the most comprehensive and extensive of any manufacturer and includes the unique SimplyWorks® family of wireless Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication products.

For Industrial, Commercial and High-Rel markets, the Pretorian Technologies’ range comprises Panel Mount, Fascia Mount, and Desktop trackballs, and Fascia Mount Joysticks suitable for use in all computer applications.

With over forty years’ experience in the design of Trackballs, Pretorian Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 registered for the design and manufacture of human input devices for the Special Needs and Industrial markets.

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