Remote DSE Assessments

Ensure HSE Compliance with Keytools Remote DSE Assessments

Providing cost effective, UK-wide DSE (Remote Display Screen Equipment) assessments with trained and experienced assessors, Keytools ensure HSE (Health and Safety Executive) compliance and establish if employees are working safely with display equipment.

Keytools DSE Assessments Provide:

Training on How to use DSE Tools
Assessment of the Risks Associated with the Job Being Done
Suggestions for any Special Requirements for Members of Staff
A Final DSE Assessment Report

As a legal requirement, If workers use display screen equipment (DSE) daily, continuously for an hour or more as part of their normal work, employers must complete a workstation assessment.

Employers Must also Carry out an Assessment When:­­­­

A New Workstation is Set Up
A New User Starts Work
A Change is Made to an Existing Workstation or the Way it’s Used
Users Complain of Pain or Discomfort

Remain HSE (Health and Safety Executive) compliant and ensure employees are working safely with display equipment. The Keytools final DSE Assessment Report makes note of any areas that require action to ensure compliance, providing an action plan to reduce risks, and serve as proof of compliance in the event of an HSE audit.

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