Microsoft Accessory Alternatives

Quickly and easily find alternatives to Microsoft PC Accessories. Our quick guide matches multiple Hypertec options to the best-known and most popular Microsoft Keyboards and Mice. Simply click the Microsoft option below to view Hypertec like-for-like options, or scroll down to view the full range.

Wired 600 Keyboard Alternatives

276 v3 Slim USB Splash Proof Keyboard

Part code: KYBAC276-3UBK

 Wired ValuKeyboard with Spill-proof Sealed Membrane Design

Part code: 1500109

AKB-132CB USB Antimicrobial Multimedia Desktop Keyboard

Part code: AKB-132UB-UK

Ergonomic Keyboard Alternatives

USB Sculptured Ergonomic Split Key Multimedia Keyboard with Reverse Tilt


 Wireless Ergo Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo – UK Layout

Part code: WKB-1500GB-UK

Wireless Desktop 850 Alternatives

2.4Ghz Wireless Deskset Bundle

Part code: 900904-UK

 Pro Fit Low-Profile Wireless Desktop Set

Part code: K75230UK

Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Part code: WKB-1330CB

 Wireless Ergo Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo – UK Layout

Part code: WKB-1500GB-UK

Antimicrobial Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Part code: WKB-1320CB-UK

Bluetooth Mouse

4-Button Bluetooth Mouse

Part code: LORCAN01B

Full Size Multidevice Dual Bluetooth 5.1 & RF Wireless Mouse

Part code: MOU-M100-BTRF-BK

ECO Black Wheat Mouse


Other colours available

iMouse M300W – Bluetooth 3-button Mouse

Part code: iMouse-M300W

Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 Alternatives

Mini Optical Wireless Mouse

Part code: 245108

Wireless Optical Mouse

Part code: 900508

Ultra Compact Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

Part code: 900540

iMouse Mini Wireless Mouse

Part code: IMOUSE-S50

Other colours available

iMouse G25 or G2

Part code: IMOUSE-G2

Available in wired or wireless

P10 Wireless Presenter Air Mouse Mobile

Part code: IMOUSE-P10

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