Minimise Business Disruptions Caused by Power Outages

Minimise Business Disruptions Caused by Power Outages

Power failures and the subsequent network downtime can cost businesses substantial sums in revenue, with data lost during power failures often being unrecoverable. Avoid business disruptions, downtime, data loss, equipment damage, and ensure efficient workflow. Hypertec Backup Power Solutions can help provide essential power to keep networks running and users working till the power is back on, even if it takes hours.

Get Key Workers Back Online After a Power Outage

Keep employees online, even if the power goes out, with the Accuratus portable Power Station. The high-capacity Power Station can effectively charge and run multiple devices, computers, small appliances and emergency equipment simultaneously without interference.

Main benefits of the Power Station:

  • The 600W battery option can run a 65W laptop, 2 x 27” monitors and a Wi-Fi router for 6 ½ hours. LiFePO4 battery (proven to last longer than standard lithium batteries)
  • Fast charging
  • Power via solar panels (sold separately)
  • Live power usage and battery capacity display

Prevent Damage and Data Loss in The Event of Power Loss

Unlike power banks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provide power for equipment to safely shut down during a power outage. Protecting connected equipment from unexpected power outage that could cause serious business disruption or data loss.

Main benefits of a CyberPower UPS include:

  • Battery backup
  • Safeguards valuable data
  • Keeps equipment online
  • Protects from surges and spikes
  • Offers clean and stable power

To learn more about CyberPower UPS, or for more information about the Accuratus Alternative Energy, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

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