NAS Storage for Content Creators

NAS Storage for Content Creators

Whether you’re a one man show or work with creatives around the globe, finding the perfect solution to store and manage your files can be difficult. Synology NAS brings speed, simplicity, security, and seamless backup to your workflow, allowing you to focus on your business without technology holding you back.

Future Proof Storage

Starting small, or with hundreds of terabytes, Synology has a solution for you. Choose from 1 drive bay devices to 36 or more, allowing for easy expansion through adding or upgrading your existing drives.

Access your Data Instantly

Want to combine yesterday’s shot with archive footage from 10 years ago? No need to waste time searching through loose drives. With Synology NAS robust file indexing, you can access all your data from one central location in a matter of seconds. Every NAS has full support for Mac, Windows, and Linux-based workstations, so you can choose which OS suits your workflow.

A Solid Foundation for your Data

External drives might be convenient as portable solutions but they’re also single points of failure that can result in permanent loss of data. Synology NAS offers powerful data protection that helps keep your data available and intact, even against drive failures and ransomware attacks.

Keep your Portfolio with You

Access your NAS data from anywhere with Synology’s intuitive and easy-to-use QuickConnect. No complicated network knowledge required. With QuickConnect you can be sure you’ll have access to your portfolio no matter where you are.

To find out more about storage for content creators, or for more information about the fully Synology range, contact your Hypertec Account Manger today.

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