Need Transceivers? Think AddOn from Hypertec!

Need Transceivers? Think AddOn from Hypertec!

Maximise your margins by proposing AddOn when OEMs such as CISCO, HPE, Juniper and Palo Alto have extended lead times or budget is key. Seamlessly scaling any network, AddOn OEM matched Transceivers, DAC and AOC offer quality that matches the OEM.

Quickly and easily find compatible Transceivers, Hypertec partcodes are the same as their OEM counterparts; simply search via OEM partcode on the Hypertec Product Configurator to find the perfect match.

Why Choose AddOn?

Competitive Pricing

Win every deal

Catalogue Breadth

Compatible with 100+ OEMs in every form factor


Solution for any application

First Class Quality

Every product is application tested

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