Never Run out of Charge, Hypertec have a Comprehensive Range of Power Supplies to Keep Devices at Full Charge Whether at Home, in the Office or on the Move

Hypertec Power Solutions provide AC Adapters, Power Supplies and Batteries for a wide range of computers and devices. Power and charge when and where you need it, Hypertec Power Solutions are the perfect companion for office, travel and home.

PowerProEssential 100w

Charge Laptops and Mobile Devices with the PowerProEssential 100w USB Type- C Power Adapter. Flexible and universal, the PowerProEssential delivers fast, efficient charging to your devices anywhere with a power outlet.

PowerProEssential 60w

The PowerProEssential 60w Universal USB-C Power Adapter allows you to charge any Type-C Laptop, Ultrabook, or Mobile Device – Perfect for all Work environments.

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