Preserve, Protect, and Secure Data Cost Effectively with IBM LTO Tape Storage

Preserve, Protect, and Secure Data Cost Effectively with IBM LTO Tape Storage

With twice the market share of any other vendor, and over 50 years’ experience, IBM is the leading Tape storage vendor worldwide.1 Their exacting standards produce LTO (Linear Tape Open) media of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and durability in use and in subsequent storage, helping organisations protect and preserve more data, for longer periods of time.

Enterprise Storage at a Competitive Price

Offering powerful solutions for specific threats at a cost per gigabyte unmatched by other storage technologies,2 LTO fulfils the highest quality, reliability, and durability standards. Providing a secure and cost-effective solution for data backup and archiving.

Cyber Resilient Powerful Defence

Tape storage solutions from IBM help to eliminate the ransomware cycle of infection and re-infection by creating data copies essentially impossible for hackers to corrupt.

Optimal Data Security

Comply with regulatory requirements and preserve shareholder trust by protecting data from unauthorised access and unintentional loss. IBM Tape Cartridge portability facilitates remote, offline data storage for superior protection from both natural and man-made threats that can impact online or on-site data storage.

For more information about IBM Linear Tape Open, or to learn about our full offering of Enterprise Storage Solutions, contact your Hypertec Account Manager today.

1 IBM Systems Technical White Paper: Defining the future of tape, July 2017, TSW03548-USEN-00.

2  IDC White Paper: Using Tape to Optimize Data Protection Costs and Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware for Data-Centric Organizations, sponsored by The LTO Program, April 2018.

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