Prevent Unauthorised Users from Accessing Sensitive Information

Prevent Unauthorised Users from Accessing Sensitive Information

With password breaches being one of the leading causes of data loss, companies of all sizes must look beyond passwords to secure access to data, applications and systems. One layer of security is no longer enough. Providing effective measures in defending against brute-force, phishing and social engineering attacks; Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via Biometric Scanners and Smart Cards help neutralise the risks associated with compromised passwords.

H-1 Finger Vein Scanner

Used by some of the world’s largest companies for secure authentication. The Hitachi H-1 Scanner provides several options for developers and system integrators to build biometric authentication into existing systems or new applications.

VeinID Five Application Password Replacement –

The Hitcach VeinID Five APR enables biometric authentication of a user using the built-in web camera. It is a contactless software only solution for biometrics-based application sign-in, step-up authentication and 1:1 user verification.

HID/ Omnikey Smart card Readers

Popular in environments that require Two Factor Authentication (2FA) such as banking, finance, public transit, network access, schools, healthcare and more. Omnikey Smartcard Readers provide an extra layer of protection – offering personal identification, access control, authentication, and financial transactions.

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