Hypertec provide performance enhancing Memory system upgrades for virtually any machine, to meet almost any application.


Whether for Home or Business, Hypertec have a extensive range of Storage Solutions ideal for every application.


Connect and expand workspaces, Hypertec Docks and Adapters are the perfect way to connect to additional screens and devices.


Never run out of charge, Hypertec have a comprehensive range of Power Supplies to keep devices at full charge wherever you are.


Bring comfort to your workspace and create a productive environment with Hypertec Ergonomic Solutions.


Protect Data and Devices from theft and hacking. Hypertec Security Solutions are durable, flexible and available for all types of devices.

PC Peripherals

Complete your set up, Hypertec have a comprehensive range of computer peripherals including Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Webcams and more.

Assistive Technology

Address key concerns surrounding assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative activities. Keytools Assistive Technology can aid issues around absenteeism, efficiency, productivity and the aging workforce.


Achieve top performance in terms of brightness, colour and evenness of illumination with Just Lamps.


Perfect for those studying or working from home, Keytools Desks and Chairs provide practical and stylish solutions for any room.

Work From Home

Keep home workers active, alert, healthy and productive, this page makes finding the right Home Working solutions quick and simple.

Sustainable IT

Do what you can to minimise negative environmental impact and ensure company spending goes towards positive change.

Microsoft Accessory Alternatives

Quickly and easily find alternatives to Microsoft PC Accessories. Our quick guide matches multiple Hypertec options to the best-known and most popular Microsoft Keyboards and Mice.

With a range of products that cover Connectivity, Performance and Accessories – get everything needed for any machine with Hypertec.

All Hypertec products are covered by our inclusive Free UK based Customer and Technical Support service and our Account Managers and Sales Experts are always on hand to help.

Create a complete attach solution for any device or machine quickly and easily with Hypertec. With a range of services and products that cover connectivity, performance and accessories – we aid you in delivering bespoke bundles for your customer.

Want to Learn More about Hypertec Products and Services?

For more information about Hypertec or help finding the right product for you, view and download our Sales Aid Kit. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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