Lock Down and Protect Devices with Hypertec and Keep Hardware and On-Screen Data Secure

Security is about more than simply protecting devices from theft – it’s also about saving data from falling into the wrong hands, which could be far more costly than replacing devices. Durable, flexible and compatible with most Laptops, Hypertec Security Solutions secure devices and keep data safe.

HyperDrive®FIPS 197 Edition

The HyperDrive® EnCryptPLUS FIPS 197 Hardware Encrypted USB 3.0 Drive from Hypertec combines high level security with easy-to-use functionality to protect your Customer’s data. The device features a 3 Year Warranty and Free UK based Technical Support offering peace of mind for you and your customers. Mandatory Encryption and Password protection guarantees 100% privacy of all data stored on the drive, providing uncompromised Security.

Security Solutions from our Partnered Brands

Discover the full range of Security solutions from our Partnered Brands; Hypertec have all the solutions needed to keep Hardware and Data secure.


Protect your on-screen data from visual hacking with 3M Privacy Filters for monitors, laptops, tablets and smart phones. 3M’s innovative Privacy Filter technology prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.


From Docking Stations, to computer Cable Locks, to Mice and Trackballs, to Ergonomics, Kensington design, engineer, and build award-winning products that are trusted by professionals around the globe.


Dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, LocknCharge offer a range of transport and charging solutions for Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets.

Want to Know More about Hypertec Security Solutions?

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