M.2 SATA FirestormLite SSD


  • Available Capacities: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 1TB.
  • 3 Year Warranty, including Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Matched Options Available for Resellers
  • Suitable for Both Client SSDs as well as NAND-Cache Drives
  • Noise and Vibration Free for Completely Silent Computing
  • Zero moving parts prevent mechanical malfunctions and extended product life
  • S.M.A.R.T Self-monitoring Attributes Improve Reliability
Instant, Cost-Effective Performance

The FirestormLite range from Hypertec is a low-cost, performance enhancing SSD family. It is the perfect option to upgrade machine storage cost-effectively. Deploying SSD technology in a system not only instantly improves the reliability of the machine, but also provides a noticeable boost to the way the computer accesses and uses files.

Lightning Fast

FirestormLite SSDs are faster, more reliable, and far more energy efficient than standard Hard Drives. Ultra-fast boot times, quicker application load times, and significantly lower power consumption are just some of the benefits of upgrading to a Solid State Drive.

Versatile, Simple and Reliable

FirestormLite M.2 SSDs are especially designed for small form factor applications such as ultra-thin mobile devices. They are B&M Keyed to provide robust performance and reliability, and can be easily integrated into existing storage infrastructures.

Easily Find Your Perfect Match

FirestormLite SSDs can also be matched to your machine as an OEM compatible solution. Simply click Here and search for your device by category.