LTO Media

Linear Tape Open

Linear Tape Open (LTO) is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format that is optimised for high capacity, maximum storage density and performance.

Unrivalled in terms of cost, capacity, reliability, portability and security, LTO technology is ideal for archiving and disaster recovery in enterprise. Whether archiving valuable data, managing hours of digital video or transporting large data files, LTO tape is an ideal solution for the most demanding applications.

Benefits of LTO

Lowest-Cost Storage

Offering lower initial costs and the best price per gigabyte (up to 7x cheaper than flash storage) compared to other long-term storage options, LTO technology provides low-cost flexible scalability to support ever-increasing amounts of data.

Smaller Space Footprint

With high capacity and compact format, LTO technology provides 50% more storage capacity in the same footprint. Dramatically reducing the floor space required to store long-term data and to meet the demands of businesses.

Mitigate Ransomware, Data Loss and Corruption

Providing the most efficient archiving and disaster recovery for offline and air-gapped data storage, LTO is the ultimate tier of data protection.

Environmentally Friendly

A very energy efficient method for storing data, Tape Drives consume very little power and cartridges in shelves consumer no energy.

LTO Solutions from our Partnered Brands

Providing dependable, future-proof Storage architecture has never been easier. With a range of LTO from IBM® available with Tri-Optic Tape Labelling – Hypertec works with you to create the perfect out-the-box-solution.


Improve storage economics and data security in mission-critical hybrid multicloud environments with tape storage from IBM.


Quantum Certified LTO media supports comprehensive, “edge-to-core” backup, recovery and archive strategy.

Want to Know More about LTO?

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