RDX® QuikStation®

The RDX QuikStation offers numerous operations modes like RDX systems, logical volumes to overcome capacity limitations, RAID configurations for fault tolerance as well as disk autoloader and LTO tape autoloader and LTO tape library emulations for automated backup tasks.

RDX® QuikStor®

The Overland-Tandberg RDX QuikStor technology delivers a rugged design for maximum data protection and secure handling. Full backward/forward compatibility allows users to scale to higher capacities, without worrying about complicated data migration.

RDX® Media

The Overland- Tandberg RDX media offers a rugged and tough design for maximum data protection and secure handling for any Hybrid-Cloud data protection workflows. It is well suited for off-site data protection supporting high encryption standards and meets compliance requirements for archiving.


 The RDX QuadPAK enables you to install up to four servers with their own RDX drive for backup, disaster recovery or data exchange. The ability to install multiple RDX systems enables enhanced functionalities like media spanning or media rotation.

RDX® SSD Media

The RDX SSD performance line media represents the next generation of the RDX technology family and provides the high-performance extension to the existing RDX portfolio. With high transfer rates and throughput, RDX SSDs reduce backup windows by up to 50% and provides fast restores.


RDX WORM media meets an expanded set of regulatory and compliance requirements. It is ideal for use with a large number of archiving applications, like enterprise content management and document management systems, where data must not be deleted or overwritten.

RDX – Removeable Backup and Archive Solution­

An established standard, with attributes beyond other simple data storage products, RDX is the trusted removable disk technology. The tough, armoured design provides a reliable and valuable data repository. On the go capability makes it ideal for off-site disconnected storage for disaster recovery.

The RDX product family is designed to deliver cost efficiency to businesses with growing data storage needs. There’s no technical mountain to climb here, and it’s just as easy to store data offsite — simply remove the pocket-sized disk media and carry to another location.

RDX Resources

For more information about RDX, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for Sales Teams.

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