Our Sustainability Mission

At Hypertec, we’re committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. Continuously implementing new policies and practices to encourage better sustainability amongst our employees and vendors, we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and plastic waste.

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Hypertec own brand product has had 90% of plastics removed from its packaging.  Where plastic remains in our SSD and Memory portfolio to protect the products from anti-static, all plastics used are PET (100% recyclable)

Hypertec own brand boxed packaging is 100% developed from recyclable materials.

Hypertec has held QBRs with all strategic vendors and requested all plastics be removed from incoming product deliveries, this is an ongoing process, and we are presently at 70% reduction in vendor plastics coming into our business. Our aim is to get this to 100% by 2024.

Part of our vendor and new product onboarding process is to establish within our supply chain where materials are sourced and how we can ensure that we are using sustainable materials.

Our internal product steering committee has been tasked with finding vendors and products that are made in the UK. We are hoping to find a subset of vendors that can support product categories with UK made products to aid the reduction in carbon footprint.  This process will continue until we are able to bring to market enough sustainable product initiatives.

As part of the DCC group and following a wider company initiative, all Hypertec company cars and pool cars are now 100% Electric.  DCC no longer supply any fossil fuel vehicles.

In 2023 we installed EV charging points at the Hypertec Office and Warehouse.

Hypertec launched a Hybrid working program in 2021, putting all staff on a two day rotation in the office. This significantly reduces our carbon footprint from office staff travelling.  We’ve even widened this initiative by requesting vendors visit on days the majority of sales staff are in, to reduce additional trips to the office.

Our Exertis NDC has had solar panels installed. We are now also looking into how we can implement this for our Hypertec warehouse facilities.

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