Accuratus® Eco Range

The Wheatgrass Keyboard and Mouse is the perfect Eco-Friendly edition to any workspace. Made from Wheat Polymer bio plastic, the peripherals are biodegradable, with a glossy finish and sleek, modern design.

Available in Pewter Grey or Duck Egg Blue the Keyboards and Mice are sure to fit perfectly with any style.

  • Biodegradable
  • Biobased – made from straw without fossil fuels or artificial chemicals
  • Multi device wireless Bluetooth 5.1 & 2.4Ghz (via USB) ‘plug and play’ connection with 10 Metre wireless range.
  • Nano size USB receiver when used over RF 2.4GHz so the dongle is barely visible when in use, can also be stored in the base of the Keyboard or Mouse.
  • No dongle required for Bluetooth connection. Simply pairs to Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Available in Pewter Grey or Duck Egg Blue
  • Eco-friendly packaging

How They’re Made

When wheat is harvested for flour only the ear of the wheat is used. Usually, the remaining straw product is then used for animal bedding and thatching, but often the straw is burnt after the wheat is harvested.

The lignin (an organic polymer that provides the support structure for many plants) naturally found in straw is used to make the wheatgrass polymer Keyboards and Mice. The Lignin is broken down by bacteria and mixed with natural sugars to create a workable material with similar features to plastic, without using fossil fuels or adding artificial chemicals.

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