Synology® Storage for Content Creators

Fast Access and Scalability

Future-proof Storage Solutions

Starting small, or with hundreds of terabytes, Synology has a solution for you. Choose from 1 drive bay devices to 36 or more, allowing for easy expansion through adding or upgrading your existing drives.

Access your Data Instantly

Want to combine yesterday’s shot with archive footage from 10 years ago? No need to waste time searching through loose drives. With Synology NAS robust file indexing, you can access all your data from one central location in a matter of seconds. Every NAS has full support for Mac, Windows, and Linux-based workstations, so you can choose which OS suits your workflow.

Safe and Sound

A Solid Foundation for your Data

External drives might be convenient as portable solutions but they’re also single points of failure that can result in permanent loss of data. Synology NAS offers powerful data protection that helps keep your data available and intact, even against drive failures and ransomware attacks.

Backups, Finally a Breeze

Synology’s backup solutions allow you to protect your critical data and minimize downtime with automatic scheduled backups to external hard drives or offsite cloud services. This way you can work with peace of mind knowing that in the event of physical theft or natural disasters, your data is only one backup away.

Access from Anywhere

Keep your Portfolio with You

Access your NAS data from anywhere with Synology’s intuitive and easy-to-use QuickConnect. No complicated network knowledge required. With QuickConnect you can be sure you’ll have access to your portfolio no matter where you are.

To share, or Not

Your data means your rules. Control who can access your data at any time based on your preferences.

Organise and Collaborate

Synology Drive makes it easy to manage, view, and share your files with others.

Access Files your Way

You and your team can access and share files through Windows File Explorer, Mac OS Finder, a web browser, or using our mobile apps.

Granular Permissions & Sharing

Whether you’re sharing files with family or with hundreds of clients, manage your file shares with access rights, password protection, and time limits.

Collaboration Made Easy

Background file synchronization means no matter who you’re collaborating with or where you’re working from, you will always have access to the latest file versions.

Video Case Studies

See how content creators and post houses achieve more with Synology.


DGTL-Craft uses a DS1618+ with SSDs and 10Gb Ethernet. This allows them zero-downtime collaboration, blazing fast project offloading, and a solid working drive for demanding projects.


See how MLC TV uses Synology’s file sharing and password protection features to streamline and simplify collaboration with clients.

The Media Bunker

Using a Synology DS2419+ with 10GbE, The Media Bunker has solved their storage, backup, and bandwidth requirements. Five editors can now smoothly edit 4K footage simultaneously.

Synology Resources

For more information about Synology and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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