EPOS® – Premium Audio and Video Solutions for Business Professionals and Gamers

Premium Audio and Video Solutions for Business Professionals

EPOS develop premium solutions that deliver excellent audio and video experiences so individuals and teams can reach their goals and perform better.

Did you know that while we hear with our ears, we listen with our brain? EPOS put this principle at the heart of their design process – an approach they call EPOS BrainAdapt™. This means less fatigue, better concentration, increased focus, and improved performance throughout the workday.

In a recent scientific study conducted by EPOS in the Centre for Applied Audiology Research (CAAR), Oticon, Denmark researchers concluded that the passive noise reduction performance of EPOS headsets leads to a reduction in listening effort by 35%.

  • Better Performance
  • Improved Communication
  • Increased Focus
Passion for Performance

EPOS are passionate about ensuring the best audio and customer experience. Enabling users to focus seamlessly on the task at hand and perform at their best. Enabling users to perfect their performance

Pioneering Audio Technology

Pioneering technology means having engineering capabilities to stay at the forefront of what is technically possible. From hardware components to software and artificial intelligence that elevates the experience

Crafted to Last, Designed to Excite

Excellence in simplicity. In comfort. In materials. Made for business professionals who insist on excellence in audio – and in themselves

EPOS Resources

For more information about EPOS® and their solutions, view and download our Sales Aids. Filled with sales tips, product guides and catalogues, these documents are a versatile necessity for sales teams.

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