Vision Impairment

Enhanced Vision®

Dedicated to helping individuals maintain their visual independence, Enhanced Vision has developed leading assistive technology to create a full line of superior, easy-to-use low vision aids at affordable prices.


There is a growing range of assistive products available from Optelec, whether it be a simple optical magnifier for low vision, or the latest device to assist a Braille user to access all parts of the information world.

Whether Slightly Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired, Keytools Have a Range of Solutions from a Variety of Leading Brands

Keytools offer a vast product category of Hearing Impairment products, from Impairment Aids to Telephone Amplifiers and Hearing Loops; we have the right solution for you.

Need help finding the right product? Offering Free Pre and Post Sale Support; our Assistive Technology Specialists can help advice the best solutions for the specific needs of your organisation.

Keytools has over two decades experience in the Assistive Technology market, putting them at the forefront of the industry. Keytools can help you invest in not only the correct areas, but the most cost-effective solutions for your business which deliver the greatest return on investment.

For more information about the Keytools Hearing Impairment range, to discover the full Assistive Technology range, or to find out how we can help, contact us today. Call, Email or simply fill out the Contact Form below, we’re always happy to help.

Hypertec understand that every business has different requirements, which is why our Sales Experts and Product Specialists are happy to work with you to determine the best products for your needs. We take the time to understand customer requirements, our policies and procedures in many circumstances are shaped to suit individual business demands. Helping to deliver a bespoke upgrade solution designed around the user.

We’re proud to offer a 30 minute SLA, guaranteeing a fast turn around for you and your customer. All calls, whether Sales, Warehouse, Technical, or Marketing are answered within 3 rings.

For additional help, support or information about Hypertec – get in touch today.

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